Shop your own closet for boudoir

One of the biggest concerns for a boudoir photoshoot is

What do I wear?!

I’ve got great news for you…. the perfect wardrobe might be hanging in your closet right now.

At the Lavish Boudoir studio, our photoshoots run about 90 minutes (although I often run over-time when I’m having fun). This allows for 3 wardrobe changes + white sheets. So that starts us off easy.

OUTFIT #1: Nothing at all, but draped in our white sheets.

OUTFIT #2: A sheer and clingy t-shirt/tank matched with boy briefs or CK undies

OUTFIT #3: A black bra and panty set or bodysuit

OUTFIT #4: A slouchy sweater over a pretty bra and undies

Tada! No fuss wardrobe without spending a dime.

If you book with Lavish Boudoir, we’ve also got some amazing pieces for borrowing in our wardrobe. If you’d like to check them out, come on by the studio for a tour!

Photoshoot Wardrobe Advice from Lavish Boudoir™



Here are our best tips for boudoir outfit ideas!

TIP #1: Take care of your girls.

Get a bra that fits well. Strap it on, then bed forward so your breasts rest fully in the cups. The cups should not gape. Now stand up, your boobs should not be spilling over. Last step, take off the straps and dance around a bit. The band should be fitted enough to fully support your breasts like a strapless bra.

Our favorite store for bras for all sizes:

TIP #2: Throw that free g-string in the trash.

It is doing you no favors. Find a complementary (not complimentary) pair of undies. For super fit or slightly flat bums... go for a thong to enhance the shape. Rounder bums look bootylicious in a pair of cheekies. Bums that need a bit more coverage and the illusion of lift, look best in traditional bikini style with wide sides.

Our favorite place for undies in a variety of styles:

TIP #3: Embrace shapewear that embraces you.

We all want an hourglass, whether we're 110 or 210 lbs, 25 or 65 years old. Shapewear used to mean nude colored granny panties, girdle and bra. Not anymore... they come with lace panels, sexy materials and even cute prints like leopard. Slips and corselettes (not corsets) are best for those who want a bit more control over hips and waist. You can even get some that go under your regular bra for a truly custom fit. Teddies show off toned legs, but trim the waistline. If you have a tiny waist but feel like your bottom half is a bit generous, try a skirt.

Our favorite place for flattering pieces that make any woman feel like a sex kitten:


Don't buy your stockings at the mall. They're overpriced if you aren't looking for something to wear multiple times.

My favorite place to buy affordable stockings and tights in sooo many cute designs:

I hope that your boudoir session planning is going well. Whether you decide to book with us or not, we want you to have the BEST experience possible, because we truly believe in the transformative power of boudoir.

Recently a client wrote to me, "This was a serious milestone for me, and I want everyone to have the same confidence/ego boost that I experienced. I initially booked as just a fun gift for my husband, and it evolved into so much more. Even at my best fitness level, I've suffered a poor body image for various reasons, and even though it's a drag to have waited until 46 years of age to start gaining real confidence, it's better late than never!"

Happy shopping!

If you'd like to schedule a complimentary consultation, I'd be happy to give you more specific advice.




Beauty Tip - Scotch Tape for Eyeliner

I cannot recall for the life of me where I read this tip, but I LOVE it.  Symmetry is scientifically proven to be attractive.  So it would only make sense to keep your eye makeup as symmetrical as possible. Step one: Get a piece of tape about an inch and half long and stick it to the back of your hand and peel it off again.  This will keep it from sticking to your face too much and hurting when you pull it off.

Step two: Line up the tape so that the straight edge goes from the outer corner of your eye to the outer tip of your eyebrow.

Step three: Apply shadow and liner as desired

Step four:  Hide from those who may not understand why you have tape stuck to your face.  They will laugh.

Step five: Remove the tape carefully

Step six (optional): Use a medium stiff shadow brush and blend the edges until they're softened.  If you prefer a more dramatic look, leave it as is.undefined