turn him on

Real Women - Real Answers - What's Yours - #1


I'm starting out a new theme of posts each Monday.  Why Monday?  Because we are back at work and bored.  Right?  You've got the whole week ahead of you, so you can totally procrastinate a bit.  I'm not sure if you noticed, but today is in fact Tuesday.  Yesterday was a holiday and I hope that you had better things to do than check out blogs.  (Even though I'm sure this is the highlight of your day, right? Wink wink.)  Today, unfortunately means it feels like a Monday, but the good news is that you're just four days away from the weekend! Whenever your browsing for lingerie, you've got one of two people in mind... you or your guy.  We all know that he likes just about everything that involves you in something sexy, but

What type of lingerie do you wear to turn HIM on?

My guy is absolutely crazy for stockings and thigh-highs.  Silk, nylon, with or without garters, he LOVES them.  These are THE best.  Gorgeous, right?

Whip Me Stockings from Agent Provocateur