victoria's secret

Miss M - Georgia - Lavish Boudoir


I just spoke with M about ordering a custom canvas for her wall and she mentioned that I haven't blogged her session.  Oh my gosh!  How could I have forgotten to blog about this GORGEOUS woman.  I mean seriously, this was one of my favorite shoots.  Let me tell you about why I love this woman.  Judging by these pictures, you'd never guess that she plays with mud and power tools all day, right?  M has a landscaping and dock company and she's not afraid to get her hands (and hair and feet) dirty.  She even brought along her work boots for a funny shot.  She raised her children on her own and created a business from nothing, all with her head held high.  She has been a hardworking and courageous woman for many years. It was such a treat to glam her up.  She rocked that Victoria's Secret strappy bra and undies like a model.  The white tank and undies were my idea.  I wanted to show her in a casual and sporty way with lots of smiles and laughter.  She has the kind of grin that makes you want to smile along with her.

Thank you, M, for trusting me to get you all girlied up.  You're beautiful with and without the glam treatment.

Photography: Leslie Cersovski
Makeup: Adeana Dillon
Miss M | Lavish Boudoir™ | Albuquerque, NM
Lavish Boudoir™ | Albuquerque, NM


Miss L - Lavish Boudoir - Tallahassee, Florida


Miss L was beyond charming and had a figure to die for.  I mean, really, who looks like this after kids?  This gorgeous woman decided to do a session mostly for herself, but her man got to enjoy the perks.  It's like I say, "Indulge yourself and say it's for him."  She went all out with sexy new lingerie, extensions and two makeup looks by the fabulous Sarah.  I had so much fun shooting with her and I'm so thrilled that she has already sent a friend my way for her own shoot!  L asked me to only share anonymous pictures online, but if you want to see some of her beautiful ones in person, book a consultation! black sheer bootyserious abspearls and bootyteddysweater and legsunder the sheetsgetting readyblack and white lingerielace bloomers and pearls