Miss G | Supermom


Oh, G... if I could just photograph clients like you all the time, my heart would be so full.  I remember you calling to inquire.  It was a sunny day and I was enjoying the weather while working from my backyard.  You sounded so nervous, I could hear the tremor in your voice.  Honestly, when we hung up... I thought I'd never hear from you again. I can't tell you how proud I was to see the booking notice in my inbox.  

I thought you were going to cancel on me at any given point.  I kept waiting for the e-mail that said, "I'm just not ready."  But you were so brave.

GF-2016-Lavish Boudoir-11

I cannot believe you didn't bring a thing to the try-on session besides a dress (despite specifically wanting a boudoir shoot). I'm sorry I couldn't stop giggling about the hot pink sports bra you wore under all my studio lingerie. But you rallied and we made it work... and I never would have guessed that a pair of leopard panties from WalMart could be so damn sexy. I hear a little Gretchen Wilson playing in my mind when I see that photo.

GF-2016-Lavish Boudoir-13

You were like this butterfly and I got to watch the whole transformation.  From the moment you looked in the mirror after the makeover... I knew this was going to be an epic shoot.  You looked, in a word... stunning.  You stood straighter, you smiled more easily and you were ready to rock it.

GF-2016-Lavish Boudoir-26

After making such tremendous strides in your weight loss, you look incredible.  And I think these photos reflected back to you the woman that you are (someone who deserves the best from life) and erased the woman you were (someone who was always putting others before yourself). You're a nurturer day in and day out, and that's why I think people love you.  But after a year of nurturing your body, I hope we got to help you nurture your soul.

GF-2016-Lavish Boudoir-41

Thank you G, it was an honor to photograph you.  I can't wait to have you back!

Makeup by Edgar Campos Hair by Andrew Madvin Photography by Leslie Cersovski

GF-2016-Lavish Boudoir-17GF-2016-Lavish Boudoir-32GF-2016-Lavish Boudoir-33GF-2016-Lavish Boudoir-43GF-2016-Lavish Boudoir-44