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5 "Outfits" in one hour - A simple, but sexy shoot with Lavish Albuquerque and Ms. J.

So many of my clients tell me they have no idea what to wear. This is from a recent shoot with J. After a dozen or more shoots together, we always wonder if we can get something unique. Well, we did. But here’s the coolest thing, we used practically nothing for this and got a huge variety of looks in a one-hour photoshoot.

Outfit #1: White sheets and a lot of skin

Outfit #2: nothing but skin

Outfit #3: a body necklace we have in studio

Outfit #4: a cute little bodysuit you can get pretty much anywhere

Outfit #5: a sexy bikini that she brought

I occasionally browse Amazon because prime means that even procrastinators like me can get last minute lingerie in time for their photoshoot. These items aren’t the finest quality like Agent Provocateur or Honey Birdette, but they’ll photograph beautifully in a pinch. Please note that the default color on the list is not necessarily what I recommend. When in doubt, black or red. Never white stockings. Ever.

See my amazon shopping list here.

Photography by Leslie Cersovski at Lavish Boudoir™ in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Makeup by Adeana Dillon at Makeup by Adeana

What will you wear for your boudoir photo shoot?

We know it can be completely overwhelming to select lingerie for your photo shoot.  You want to look hot and feel like a million bucks.  Unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of local options in Albuquerque or Valdosta.  We LOVE shopping online for lingerie for the following reasons:

  • Variety of styles and sizes
  • you can try it on in the privacy of your own home
  • most stores offer free shipping and free returns
  • many stores have online reviews, so it's like shopping with 100s of BFFs

I have a list of favorite stores that I send out to my clients when they book,  but I wanted to do something for every woman who is considering a shoot with me or anyone else.

I will be updating this Pinterest page monthly (around the 1st) with my favorite pieces from around the internet.  I'll be weeding out the ones that are no longer in stock.  Don't you HATE it when you click a link in Pinterest and it doesn't actually go to the shopping info?  Ugh... I'm still searching for a lbb that I saw on there.

So go on and follow my board for sexy ideas to suit all sizes and styles.

what to wear for your boudoir shoot