Thank you for making 2015 amazing!

xmas-1 This has been one heck of a year.  I can't believe we are headed into 2016!  I've lived and worked in three states. I am sitting here with my family and thought about what you mean to me.  My clients aren't just my friends and my photography subjects... you're the reason for so many of my blessings:

Because of you, I've been able to turn my Georgia home into a studio instead of just carrying two mortgages.

Because of you, Leo gets to attend an amazing pre-school with educational field trips.

Because of you, Adeana has been able to plan a romantic post-deployment trip with her husband.

Because of you, I'm attending a workshop with an incredible mentor in Paris.

Because of you, I got to visit my Nana for her 95th birthday.

Because of you, I didn't have to worry about skimping on presents for my husband and kids this Christmas.

Because of you, I get to feed my Sephora addiction without choosing eyeshadow over groceries.

Because of you, my family lives a life filled with joy, adventure and time spent together.

When you support a small business like mine, it makes a world of difference. I want you to know that I appreciate every single one of you as a woman, as a client, as a friend and as a blessing in my life.

May God bless you in 2016, as you have blessed me in 2015.