The quest for better skin continues...

I confess, my skin feels like it’s aging by the minute. The humidity of South Georgia (and no kids) kept my skin relatively bouncy and young.

Then I moved to Albuquerque in 2015 and these beautiful cloudless days have sucked every last bit of moisture from my sleep-deprived skin. And no, I don’t drink enough water. It sometimes feels pretty hopeless to keep my skin glowing.

While I love an effective beauty treatment, two studios and two children, a super-hot husband and an attempt at a regular gym routine, mean that spending an hour or two per week mid-day at a spa just isn’t going to happen. Also, I’m terrible at sitting still, so I don’t really relax.

Adeana and I discussed the GloPRO Microneedling from BeautyBio and decided to give it a whirl. It’s all over the youtube beauty scene and has gotten some pretty glowing reviews (see what I did there?). It’s a splurge, I’m not gonna lie. But I waited until I could get a discount from Sephora. As I’m writing this, there’s a coupon code on the actual beauty bio site for 25% off (BRIGHT25).

I used this in November for a few weeks straight. The first time, I gotta admit… those delicate little needles hurt. I think I was a bit aggressive with my rolling. It felt like a bad sunburn until morning. But at least it did get the blood flowing. My night routine was to lightly roll my whole face in all directions and then apply my Clinique moisturizer. I don’t love that moisturizer, so I won’t bother to go look at the specific one.

After I eased up on the roller, it never hurt and it didn’t cause more than a minor flush like when I exfoliate. It was actually kind of enjoyable because it takes about 5 minutes (an eternity in mom-time), but you feel like it’s actually working. When Adeana and I met in December, she told me my skin was glowing! Which never happens because as mentioned, I have dry dessert skin. First thought, “Oh shit, I hope I’m not pregnant.” Second thought, “Oh yay! My roller is working!”

There are quite a few brands of rollers, but what I love most about BeautyBio is the brand. I’m all about supporting the fellow female entrepreneurs. Especially the ones with heart and passion for what they’re selling. I love this quote from their site:

Female-owned, people-minded, BeautyBio strives to empower through skincare because we believe beauty can change the world one confidence boost at time. We want you to hustle and be boss babes (and guys), so while you’re building your empire, we’re committed to making sure your skincare routine remains easy, effective and stress-free. -

Does that sound in alignment with the Lavish brand? Yes! Also, her branding is rose gold and I’m a sucker for rose gold.

I’ve been kind of slacking on skin care with the holidays and the Valentine’s Boudoir rush. So I’m going to include my best smile wrinkles in a selfie and then update mid-March. Ooh, maybe I’ll splurge on their R45 retinol treatment, too. Stay tuned!

What’s your favorite dry/old skin tip? I’d love to know what you know.