Tips & Tricks

Every Thursday, I will be posting one of the little tricks I have up my sleeve.  They can be about just about anything.  Have a special request?  Let me know. Tip #1:  The Turtle

Okay, so this is something I coach every single one of my clients about.  When you are having your picture taken, you don't want to expose or give the illusion of having a double chin, right?  Gross.  Though CJ (my hubby) claims he loves my waddle, I don't. Period.  When you're facing the camera take your chin and pretend like you're resting it on a shelf directly in front of it.  That means a sort of circular motion that goes up, forward and then down just a bit.  If you feel a bit like a turtle, you're doing it right.  Don't worry about looking like your head is about to fall off of your neck.  When seen in 2d (i.e. on a facebook profile or your boudoir album), you won't look strange at all.

Any questions?