Yoga for Boudoir from Sutherland Yoga


I recently had the opportunity to take some studio photos for Sutherland Yoga in Valdosta, Georgia.  I asked their amazing instructors to show me a few beginner yoga poses to help my clients prep for their studios.  Everyone tells me that they are using unusual muscles to get into the sexy poses, so this should help.  Keep an eye out every Wednesday for the next 4 weeks!  P.S. If you book a photography session with me, you'll get a hook up at Sutherland Yoga, so don't forget to ask me about that! Cobra:

Lay on your belly with the tops of your feet flat on the ground and your hands underneath your shoulders.  Tuck your elbows back.  Inhale and slowly push your shoulders away from the mat while keeping your hips and legs down.  Only go as far as you are comfortable.  Keep your shoulders down away from your ears and feel your chest open up.  Press those hips into the mat and continue to breath.  Release on an exhale after a few deep breaths.  If this is too challenging, keep your elbows on the ground and push up the same way.

cobra pose for boudoir

Please consult a doctor to be sure you are ready for this or any other exercise.  Please be careful.