Your sexiest date ever is waiting.

Whether you’re celebrating one year as newlyweds, rekindling the romance after kids or perhaps showing that you still have the hots for him after 20 years, I’ll help you create photos that you will love.

Speaking from personal experience, my couple’s photos are actually some of my favorites and I have a very large print on my wall (Yes my mother and mother-in-law have seen it). I’ve had some amazing photoshoots, but the ones with my husband are hands-down my favorite. But I’m glad a I did a solo shoot first so that at least one of us knew what to expect.

I highly recommend booking a hotel room for the night after your session. You will not want to go back to real life after a morning in my studio.


How far do you allow couples to undress?

I ask that both parties keep their underpants on. This isn’t late-night cable.

What if he is obviously having a good time?

We’re all adults, he can go take a breather as needed. I recommend ahem handling things before your session.

What sort of photos do you take?

I stick to boudoir which is more about the art of seduction rather than erotica. Every pose is staged and coached with lots of laughs in between.

What should we wear?

I’ll coach you in your session prep information. But some ideas I like:

  • jeans and Calvin Klein type bralette

  • a cocktail dress and suit over nice underwear

  • black boxer briefs and ultra sexy lingerie

  • sheets and skivvies