Beauty Tip - Faux Lashes (Mild to Wild)


I love false lashes.  In fact, I now insist that women wear them for their shoots.  Why?  They're dramatic, they're sexy and they're lots of fun. For a natural wide-eyed look, I love Laura Mercier's Center Faux Lashes.  I wore them on my wedding day!

For a wild and artistic look, try something like these by Makeup Forever.

Step 1:  Before gluing, take each lash row and wiggle it a little bit.  This will help it conform to your lash line.

Step 2: To apply lashes, use a clear waterproof adhesive.  I like Duo brand that's available at drugstores. Use a toothpick to apply a thin line of adhesive to the base of the false lashes.

Step 3: Let it rest for a few seconds to get a bit more tacky

Step 4: Line them up with your own lashes.  Make sure they're not stabbing you in the eyelid when you blink

Step 5: Use a dark liner to go over the lash line and disguise the base of the lashes.

Flutter and flirt away!