Boudoir for Moms - Rocking the mom bod

I get it, I’m a mom. My body changed and no matter what I do to get back to my pre-Leo-and-Eli shape, it doesn’t seem to happening.

What I’ve done or tried to take care of my mom bod after babies

  • lifting weights

  • running around my neighborhood

  • cutting out starches

  • cutting out wine (that one didn’t last long)

  • HIIT workouts from a book

  • adding protein

Y’all, it’s exhausting! I run a business and take care of two little ones who are not in day care. I don’t do a great job of taking care of myself. I thank God every single day for caffeine.

But I want to show you the BEST thing for my confidence and the love of my mom-bod. I have boudoir photos taken regularly… as often as I can afford it.

I booked couple’s session with Boudoir Coterie in California after my first child. CJ and I were getting to a point where we weren’t spending enough time as a couple, aside from parenting.

I had Adeana Marie Boudoir take photos of me in Vegas when my oldest was 2.

Most recently (after my 2nd was about 9 months old) I flew my favorite photographer, Jennifer Williams, to Paris for a dream photoshoot in a GORGEOUS hotel.

Before each of those photoshoots, I wanted to lose ten pounds.

Did I? Nope!

Did it matter? Nope!

So what does this have to do with you? I want you to rock your mom bod. Whether you’re curvier, droopier, poochier or somehow you’ve gotten into the best shape of your life, celebrate that beautiful strong mom bod.

Check out a few gorgeous moms!

Each of these women was super nervous about their shoots. Aren’t they beautiful!?