5 Differences Between Bedroom Lingerie + Boudoir Lingerie

Hey girl,

There are two types of lingerie shopping and they are very different. Knowing these 5 differences will have you well on your way to buying lingerie that will look fabulous on camera, but still be fun in the bedroom. We want you to take advantage of the knowledge we’ve gained over a decade of fabulous and not-so-fabulous lingerie for photos. The more thought you put into wardrobe, the better you’ll look.



for boudoir

  • Loose and flowing adds 10-20 pounds to your figure. Choose figure-clinging and sturdier fabric to emphasize curves.

for the bedroom

  • Loose & flowing fabric like a baby-doll or a loose chemise disguises “flaws” like a mummy-tummy or full hips.

  • Patterns can be distracting. Bold and solid colors with vertical or hourglass lines are ideal.

  • Any color looks great, and patterns are fun! It’s all about what looks pretty in person.

  • Stockings are better. That means they don’t have rubber at the top and require a garter belt. Always size up so they don’t dig into your flesh. Or choose a set of fishnets that goes to the waist.

  • Thigh highs are a hit. There’s something about peeling them off that gets a guy going. I highly recommend a beautiful pair with a cuban heel, high heels and nothing else.

  • An old favorite set can look old if it has stains, rips or frays. If it’s not worth taking to a seamstress for repair, leave it at home for your post-boudoir nookie.

  • A favorite old set makes you feel comfortable and you know it’s his favorite.

  • Bring along that shirt, or uniform piece, but let’s not make it a focal. Wear it with a ridiculously sexy lingerie set and you’ll get the idea without being swamped in too much material.

  • His oversized t-shirt, button-down, jersey or uniform looks better on you than it does on him. He loves it mostly because you’ll be stripped out of it in seconds. It’s the idea of you naked underneath his clothes, not the actual outfit, right?

Bonus tip:

Underwire and structure is your friend. Unless you have perfectly perky breasts or 5% body fat, then skip the flimsy bralettes and go full on underwire. It doesn’t have to comfortable for this one morning. It just has to look good. If you’ve had your breasts lifted/augmented, by all means let’s show off that investment with a cupless bra or nothing on top.