How to Fake Being Naked - Lavish Boudoir


A lot of my clients want nude photographs in their collection, but let's be honest, most women aren't comfortable running around without  stitch on.  This look can easily be created with just a little bit of creative photoshop.  Isn't it amazing?  Here are links to some of the best underwear for this purpose. Just remember, don't let it squeeze.  It should skim the skin, so buy a size up if necessary.  Thank you M for letting me share this stunning photo of you.  You're gorgeous!

Victoria's Secret One-Size Sexy Thong

Frederick's Exxtreme Thong

La Perla Studio Evelina G-String

Lingerie Diva Tiny Tee G-String

Lingerie Diva Low-Rise Lycra G-String

Hips 'n' Curves Mia Every Day Mesh G-String in 1x or 2x


marilyn monroe look alike in red satin sheets