Seated Stretch from Sutherland Yoga for Lavish Boudoir


I asked the amazing instructors at Sutherland Yoga in Valdosta, Georgia to show me a few beginner yoga poses to help my clients prep for their studios.  Everyone tells me that they are using unusual muscles to get into the sexy poses, so this should help.  Keep an eye out every Wednesday for the next 4 weeks!  P.S. If you book a photography session with me, you'll get a hook up at Sutherland Yoga, so don't forget to ask me about that! For step by step instruction on this pose, please visit:  You can elect to stretch your arms as in the tutorial, or keep them at heart's center as pictured.  This exercise will loosen up your hips and help create those sexy s-curve poses.  Don't forget to keep both sides of your rear on the mat.