Jessica & Jacey - Mother & Daughter's Day Out Photoshoot

I met Jessica months ago at Femfessionals' Fems' Night Out. She was frantically trying to get the crew to assemble the pipe and drape before the doors opened, but she did everything with a smile. She came by my booth, browsed my work, said hello and dashed off to get something else in line.  As the event was wrapping up, her little girl Jacey was loving the freedom to play in the open ballroom. From that night, I had the idea that they would be perfect for a mother-daughter photoshoot. In March, Kate of Tyler Brooke Photography and I sat down at Starbucks to work out our collaboration. I envisioned a flowing tulle skirt for mom, a giggling little girl in a pretty dress and photos that will last in their family for generations. She has the kid-whispering skills to take care of a little girl while I can bring out the best in Mom.

We knew that Jessica & Jacey would be perfect. Looking at the back of the camera, I was nearly in tears because this was exactly what I envisioned all those months ago.

It was such a joy to show each of these ladies just how special they are.

Hair & Makeup: Leslie Cersovski Photography by: Kate & Leslie

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