Jessica & Jacey - Mother & Daughter's Day Out Photoshoot

I met Jessica months ago at Femfessionals' Fems' Night Out. She was frantically trying to get the crew to assemble the pipe and drape before the doors opened, but she did everything with a smile. She came by my booth, browsed my work, said hello and dashed off to get something else in line.  As the event was wrapping up, her little girl Jacey was loving the freedom to play in the open ballroom. From that night, I had the idea that they would be perfect for a mother-daughter photoshoot. In March, Kate of Tyler Brooke Photography and I sat down at Starbucks to work out our collaboration. I envisioned a flowing tulle skirt for mom, a giggling little girl in a pretty dress and photos that will last in their family for generations. She has the kid-whispering skills to take care of a little girl while I can bring out the best in Mom.

We knew that Jessica & Jacey would be perfect. Looking at the back of the camera, I was nearly in tears because this was exactly what I envisioned all those months ago.

It was such a joy to show each of these ladies just how special they are.

Hair & Makeup: Leslie Cersovski Photography by: Kate & Leslie

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Welcome Tyler Brooke Photography!



An amazing thing has happened in our studio. Being a low-volume boudoir studio (only 4-6 VIP shoots per month), the space gets a bit underutilized. What better way to make the most of my charming little studio in Nob Hill than to bring on another photographer. The best news, I'd rather retire than be a family photography studio, and she feels the same way about boudoir. But we both get requests outside of our genre.

Opening up my studio to another photographer might have been something to stress about. It's sort of like leaving your kid with a babysitter for the first time. But Kate is not only brilliantly talented and sweet as can be, I know she has the same set of ideals for her clients as Lavish and will take very good care of my baby.

If you love my light and airy style boudoir photography, you'll swoon over her ethereal family portraits.

M E E T  K A T E

“It is my goal to capture the present and preserve memories for the future…timeless keepsakes for your children and grandchildren to enjoy decades from today.” Kate, Owner of Tyler Brooke Photography

Kate lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and spends her days raising two beautiful little women. She works in her natural light photography studio located in Albuquerque for newbornbaby and maternity sessions and enjoys photographing family portrait sessions on-location during the warmer months.

Visit her beautiful site here: or leave some welcoming words below.


too many toys | Life Hack from Lavish Boudoir™ too many toys | Life Hack from Lavish Boudoir™ too many toys | Life Hack from Lavish Boudoir™Oh, and the logistics. Boudoir photoshoots, consults and all of Leslie's in-studio offerings will continute to be offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays. Kate's newborn, maternity and studio family sessions will be available on Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays.

So please give a warm welcome to Kate and her fabulous photography.


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  • Photos of Jessica & Gadson from MrFixIt
  • Photography by Leslie Cersovski
  • Makeup by Adeana Dillon
  • Hair by Ulta


Lavish Boudoir® Studio in Valdosta, Georgia


When I dreamed of the studio I would one day open, I never imagined it would be this perfect.  With natural light pouring through a wall of windows, the studio seems to glow.  Exposed brick offers a unique look for more dramatic portraits.  With plenty of room to spare, I'll keep on dreaming and creating better ways to offer my clients the experience of a lifetime.  I want each woman to feel like they're living in the same kind of dream I am. Thank you to my wonderful supporters: family, friends and clients.  I couldn't have done it without you.