Miss J - Bunny Mask Boudoir


Fashion Boudoir Photography in New Mexico

J has been a part of the Lavish family since she hired me nearly 10 years ago. She was 21, and ready to claim her beauty in photographs. I don't photograph a lot of young women. Let's be honest, they look so good in their selfies, they don't need a professional to coach them.

Creating art together as model and photographer

But J has always appreciated the art of boudoir and loves to collaborate. We've done several other shoots together and somehow we always come up with something new.

When J told me she was flying into Albuquerque for an overnight layover, we knew we had to make this happen. So on a Friday evening, we both sipped champagne (I usually don't partake with clients, but this was for fun) and played dress up. She brought piles of beautiful clothing, but sadly we ran out of sunlight. Of course it was one of the 10 rainy days that New Mexico gets in a year.

What to do in Albuquerque on a rainy night.

But I brought out the studio lights, this awesome bunny mask from Yandy, a pair of fishnets and together we created a brand new style.

I must say I looooooove them. What do you think?

Makeup & Photography by Leslie Cersovski