Miss L - 50th Birthday Boudoir - Albuquerque, NM


L, I love that you came in knowing what you want and we rocked this 50th birthday boudoir photoshoot together.  Your love of Prince was THE best... I always play the same boudoir playlist but for you... Prince on Pandora. We even added a little nod to him with the purple ribbon in your image box.

It's kind of funny how we met. You e-mailed me and said, "You photographed my friend and I want to do this, too!" I checked my archives and I had no record of this friend. So I scheduled a meeting with you thinking that maybe she had a nickname or something. But I knew from your e-mail that we absolutely should meet for a studio tour.

We connected and I knew that I could create AMAZING photos for you. You had all these great ideas and I just knew that we were a good match.

You went ahead and booked me and we started the planning. The Prince shirt, borrowing the beautiful slip from my wardrobe, your slouchy sweater that was so sexy off the shoulder, white sheets and a high-fashion look with the high-waisted panties and push up bra.

Your photoshoot was effortless. You worked it like you've been doing this forever. There was never any awkwardness as you easily took my direction. I love it when that happens!

I loved sharing the reveal with your husband. You were a little bit hard on yourself, but he and I both agreed that you looked PHENOMENALLY sexy.

I didn't get to see your face when you opened the folio box for the first time since we did a hand-off delivery at Sandia, but I will always remember the text you sent afterward.  It absolutely made my week.

Thank you, L, for honoring me with this important celebration. I can't wait to have you and your daughter back for a glamour shoot.




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