Miss L - Lavish Boudoir - Valdosta, Georgia

A while back, I donated a session to a silent auction for Redirect Counseling.  It came down to two potential clients in a bidding war.  Miss L came out victorious.  She called me to set up the session and told me that she was a little bit nervous.  She JUST had a baby and was a busy working mom.  In other words, she's my ideal client.  There's nothing better to me than spoiling a busy mom who barely gets time for herself.  She brought in wardrobe options that ranged from mild to wild... and I wasn't about to let her chicken out of wearing the fabulous vinyl piece you see below.  Because, seriously, that's hot.  Her smile is as gorgeous as her mile-long legs.  I also got to meet her husband who quickly made up his mind that he wanted his favorite photo in a metal print for his wall.  It's so much fun to meet an enthusiastic husband.  I hope you both love your photos forever and I can't wait to deliver your album.

Makeup by Adeana Dillon
Photography by Leslie Cersovski