Miss A | Boudoir


People have been asking how long I've been a boudoir photographer... and I surprise even myself when I say 6 years.  Holy cow. That's a long time. I started in a home studio in Valdosta, Georgia.  I knew basically no one, but I needed a portfolio. So I dug around on some modeling websites and found A.  We had a collaboration with Randy Buchanan (makeup artist) and decided to go for it. She was the first model for whom I started coaching emotion. Not only was she aaaaadorable, but she was so sweet and totally trusted me. That might have been when I knew this genre was for me.  Thank you, A, for trusting me and being my guinea pig. I still love these photos, even though it's 6 years, and 3 studios late.  Love from Albuquerque, Leslie.lavish boudoir albquerquelavish boudoir albquerquelavish boudoir albquerquelavish boudoir albquerquelavish boudoir albquerque  


The Final Shoot of 2013's Face of Lavish Boudoir - Sneak Peek


I have so many more to retouch, and because this is a very bold look, it's going to take forever at about an hour/image.  So here is a sneak peek of the fabulous Miss J whose inner fire has sparked creativity in me so much.  Thank you to Adeana, who rocked this makeup.  Who knew a girl with a tan and freckles could look so pretty with porcelain skin?? lavish boudoir red head model

Sephora VIB Sale- Adeana & Leslie's Favorites

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VIB Sale Favorites from Leslie and Adeana at Lavish Boudoir from Leslie Cersovski on Vimeo.

Sephora's VIB sale (20% off for VIB members) is November 7-11 so Adeana and I wanted to share our favorite products that we use both in and out of the studio. Go purchase them at!

Miss JC - Lavish Boudoir - Valdosta, GA


This blond bombshell knew that she wanted to do this shoot the right way from the very beginning.  She came over to meet me and talk about our all the details and how to get the most from it.  Miss J was just a doll from the get-go.  She's got that wholesome sexy look that you know boys have been chasing since kindergarten.  She hired Randi Buchanan to do her makeup and together we collectively decided on two drastically different looks.  She wanted both the sweet side and the vampy side.  For her shoot, she slipped right into character.  With flushed cheeks and wide eyes, we shot the first half of her shoot.  The second look was all drama... big hair, red lips, and leopard print lingerie.  She bears a striking resemblance to Christina Aguilera, don't you think?

Beauty Tip - Contouring for Photography


This is THE best tip for photography.  A photograph is simply the capture of light and shadow.  A talented photographer will know how to sculpt your face with lighting.  However, we don't all get to have a trusted photographer for every event.  I use this technique every time I think I'll be photographed, because I hate nothing more than the unflattering effect of straight-on flash.  (Cringe).  For photographs, avoid using shimmering highlighters.  You'll just look sweaty.  Yuck, right? 1) Select a foundation that is one shade darker and one shade lighter than your natural tone.  I like these ones by Mac.

2) Apply the darker foundation in the pattern below from Kevyn Aucoin's book, Making Faces.

3) Apply the lighter foundation where you see the white marks.

4) Blend very very very well.

5) Apply your perfect colored sheer to medium coverage foundation over the top of it.

Voila!  Defined cheekbones, a slim nose, a stronger jawline and brighter eyes.  Practice this before you debut it in public.