Beauty Tip - Tear Liner

Lining the eyes (the tear line in particular) is the best way to make them stand out.  Lashes look thicker and you'll definitely enhance the sparkle in your eye.  The tear line is that pink line of skin that runs along the edge of your lids.  Warning... this tip is not good if you have sensitive eyes or an unsteady hand.  I do not take responsibility if you poke yourself in the eye.  :-) Step one: Select a pencil or cream liner in dark brown or black.  I like this one from Clinique.  It even comes with a tiny brush!

Step two: For upper lids, lift your lid and use a stiff brush to push liner into the base of your lashes.  Be very careful.

Step three: For the lower lids, gently pull the skin below your lower lid.  Gently dab liner on top of the lash line.  Blend it so that you can't see the pink rim of your lid.

Step four:  Add some lush mascara and you're set to go!

See Britney's picture below to see the look.