Welcome to Amanda, our new studio assistant/miracle worker!


Meet Amanda!Amanda White - Lavish Boudoir - Albuquerque



If you're a recent inquiry, you've probably heard Amanda's voice by  now. Amanda and I met at the beginning of the school year at the bus stop. Talk about opposites attracting for this friendship!

Amanda: No fewer than two colors (at least one vibrant) in her hair at any given time

Leslie: Thought it was super bold to dye her hair a natural shade of red

Amanda: Knows where everything is at all times

Leslie: Loses stuff all...the...time (like my camera during sessions)

Amanda: Cooks brilliantly and even makes the delicious chocolate dipped strawberries for my sessions

Leslie: Burns toast

Amanda: Fearlessly extroverted

Leslie: Classic introvert

I'm turning 35 tomorrow and I'm well aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Since leaving Georgia and Adeana, I've really been trying to compensate for my weaknesses with Lavish. It's been a struggle to grow as I'd like and provide the organizational consistency that my clients deserve.

A smart business woman knows when to fill the gaps... so I took a deep breath and asked Amanda if she'd join my team.  She said yes!  ***I sound like I proposed, ha****

It's been a little more than a month and I cannot even express how invaluable she's been to Lavish and to you, the clients. Now you get the best of everything... my wild creative brain and her strategic planning brain.

So please welcome this GORGEOUS and funny and brilliant and wonderfully type-A woman to the Lavish Team.

Amanda White - Lavish Boudoir - AlbuquerqueAmanda White - Lavish Boudoir - Albuquerque