What to Expect from a Lavish Beauty or Boudoir Experience


You'll be greeted warmly into my studio with a smile and I'll introduce you to  my makeup artist.  you'll ever meet.  You'll be presented with a glass of champagne or sparkling water (your choice).  I'll settle you into the studio. One is a full of light and texture. The other is a large darker area that is perfect for those dramatically lit portraits.    I know just how it feels to go to one of those drab studios, be set up in a dark room with large hot lights and then told to "look natural."  Ha! I've done my best to make you feel at home. We will set out all of your clothing options.  While you're being fully made up, I'll decide which wardrobe selection will fit which space best.  When your look is complete, I'll have you change into your first outfit.  When you're fully ready, you'll look in the mirror and be amazed.  With that feeling, we'll start shooting.  I transition my posing seamlessly and direct you from head to toe, giving you feedback the whole way.  Then we'll send you out for an evening feeling glamorous, and you'll be sure the turn heads.

Meet your BFF for the day:

Leslie Cersovski - Principal Photographer

Leslie Cersovski - Principal Photographer/Over-user of, "Gorgeous!" "Fabulous" and the happy dance

Leslie Cersovski - CEO/total dork

Leslie Cersovski - CEO/Total Nerd/Photographer



Yes, there are two pics of me.  That's not to be narcissistic, it's just to show you that there are two very different sides that come together to make Lavish Boudoir what it is.