Miss G - Boudoir & Beauty Portraits - Tallahassee, FL


OMG - this lady is hot hot hot.  Can you believe that she wasn't sure she wanted to shoot boudoir?  After we chatted a bit, I talked her into bringing at least one set of sexy lingerie.  Am I glad I did!  She looked AMAZING!  She's a self-described simple girl who likes Anthropologie and would rather wear a sheet than stockings, but we took her out of her comfort zone just a bit.  Her beautiful makeover started with time from Adeana Dillon, who did her hair and makeup.  She did a great job as usual.  This woman just awed me with her poise and natural ability in front of the camera.  No, she's not a model... she's a mom.   She just happens to be a knock-out.  We made sure to take some G-rated beauty shots that she could show her little boy. Thank you G for letting me sexy up my portfolio with your gorgeous portraits.