Why does mom always come last?


Recently my puppy (who isn't really a puppy anymore considering he's 11) got pretty much torn apart by a wild dog or coyote. Because he is my baby, I never had any doubt that I would do all that I could to save him, including draining my account and racking up the credit card debt. It was never even considered that I wouldn't spend everything I had (and some that I didn't) if it would save his life. After all, money is just money and there are always ways to earn more.  But I cannot lie, it stressed me out to see those bills and a $10 balance in my checking account. So I started thinking of ways to save money...

  1. Cut out my gym membership
  2. Stop getting my hair colored for a while
  3. Sell my belongings

WTF!!! Guess what never occurred to me, cutting back on any of the extravagant things I do for my boys. After a long and rejuvenating run at the gym, I realized just how little I was loving myself (as a verb). I was willing to feel like a stressed out and unfit lady with stripper roots, but wasn't willing to not buy my kid every expensive snack option he desires.  Not that those are dollar for dollar comparisons, but let's face it... he can live without buying EVERY KIND OF CRACKER there is.

So, instead of doing any of those things, I focused on the positive. Being grateful that my puppy was on the mend and that all it took was money and some incredible doctors.  I also realized that I deserve things that make me feel good. God is generous and the universe is abundant; why would I need to sacrifice myself for a dog? And guess what... 3 weeks later... my debts are paid and I'm on the way to building up my accounts again.

So here's the takeaway, YOU ARE WORTH LOVING and you are worth showing the love. Take a moment to think about the things that make you feel good (and it can't have anything to do with sacrifice for others). Be grateful, then think of other ways to show yourself that you deserve nice things.

PS: This is Gus Gus... he's cute but a total asshole and REALLY lucky I'm his mom.

Gus Gus