Beauty Tip - Frownies (The Original Botox)


Botox is great.  It works fabulously. But let's be real.  It's expensive... and the idea of injecting poison into my face creeps me out a bit.  My favorite alternative?  Frownies.  I wear these at night when CJ's not around and I wear them when I'm working at my computer.  The concentration face is the surest way to get that annoying crease between your brows.  Try these, they've been around for decades.

Beauty Tip - The Duct Tape Bra


Big hair- Check. Big eyes - Check.

Big boobs - read on.

Some of us are genetically blessed.  Some (and I mean me) are not so much.  Here are my two favorite tips for bringing on the boobage.  Warning... men will lose the power of speech.

Tip #1: Remember the contouring for your face?  Same concept here.  Get a non-shimmer bronzer in a stay-put liquid or a good powder.  Brush it in the valley between your breasts.  Now take a bit of shimmering powder (I know... I'm breaking my own rule here) and dust it on the roundest part of your breasts.  Put on a great push-up bra and your set!

Tip #2:  This is for the truly dedicated because it CAN hurt a bit at the end of the night.  All of my college friends have done this at some point and let me tell you, the results are astounding.  The only thing you need?  Duct tape.  Yup. Duct tape.  Dust your nipples with talc or baby powder or protect them with a cotton pad.  You DO NOT want to pull duct tape off your nipples.  Using a strip about 12 inches long, stick it to the edge of your left breast.  Squeeze your right breast toward it and tape them into the position of cleavage you want.  Then use a second and third strip where you would have underwiring in a bra.  Now here is the important part.  Wear a well-padded or firmly lined bra so that you don't have odd-shaped breasts under your clothes.  At the end of the night remove very carefully.  If it hurts, use a little baby oil to dissolve the adhesive as you pull.

outside of your left breast

Beauty Tip - Contouring for Photography


This is THE best tip for photography.  A photograph is simply the capture of light and shadow.  A talented photographer will know how to sculpt your face with lighting.  However, we don't all get to have a trusted photographer for every event.  I use this technique every time I think I'll be photographed, because I hate nothing more than the unflattering effect of straight-on flash.  (Cringe).  For photographs, avoid using shimmering highlighters.  You'll just look sweaty.  Yuck, right? 1) Select a foundation that is one shade darker and one shade lighter than your natural tone.  I like these ones by Mac.

2) Apply the darker foundation in the pattern below from Kevyn Aucoin's book, Making Faces.

3) Apply the lighter foundation where you see the white marks.

4) Blend very very very well.

5) Apply your perfect colored sheer to medium coverage foundation over the top of it.

Voila!  Defined cheekbones, a slim nose, a stronger jawline and brighter eyes.  Practice this before you debut it in public.

Beauty Tip - Tear Liner

Lining the eyes (the tear line in particular) is the best way to make them stand out.  Lashes look thicker and you'll definitely enhance the sparkle in your eye.  The tear line is that pink line of skin that runs along the edge of your lids.  Warning... this tip is not good if you have sensitive eyes or an unsteady hand.  I do not take responsibility if you poke yourself in the eye.  :-) Step one: Select a pencil or cream liner in dark brown or black.  I like this one from Clinique.  It even comes with a tiny brush!

Step two: For upper lids, lift your lid and use a stiff brush to push liner into the base of your lashes.  Be very careful.

Step three: For the lower lids, gently pull the skin below your lower lid.  Gently dab liner on top of the lash line.  Blend it so that you can't see the pink rim of your lid.

Step four:  Add some lush mascara and you're set to go!

See Britney's picture below to see the look.