What we retouch, and what we don't

I get a lot of questions about retouching for boudoir.  Especially, "You an make all my cellulite go away, right? Yes, but it's not usually with photoshop.  Here are the steps to ensure your photos display flawless skin:

  1. I instruct my clients to prepare their skin at least a week in advance. Drink lots of what, hydrate with coconut oil and exfoliate a day or two before the photoshoot.
  2. I provide my clients with a lotion that I LOOOOOOVE called Prtty Peaushun. You can buy it on Amazon directly. It diffuses the light without looking greasy.
  3. I light with flat lighting on the potential lumps and bumps. No shadows? No cellulite!
  4. If I get a fabulous pose with less than fabulous flat lighting, then I'll lighten up those unflattering shadows in post production (aka Photoshop)

So what DO I do in photoshop?

I delete bruises, pimples, spider veins, skin tone changes from being hot cold or nervous and stretch marks if I can even see them after the lotion is applied. I look for any wandering makeup that makes the eyes look dark where they shouldn't. I also will smooth out any bulges created by posing. For example below, I should have had her legs resting together slightly differently to avoid that tiny little curve on her leg. My bad. But I'm not going to punish my client for my oversight.  As you can see, I'm not making any changes to her beautiful shape or size, I'm just polishing out the things you would never notice in real life.

Because with a booty this fabulous, who would notice that tiny bruise on her top cheek?

before and after retouching with Lavish Boudoir studio

PS: Next time I WILL NOT put the client right in the middle of a background crease. Even I have duh moments.

Girls' Night Out 2017 | Ronald McDonald House


We will have a booth supporting the Ronald McDonald House's Girls' Night Out this April 28th!

Grab your girlfriends, get dolled up, and join one of the most fun events in Albuquerque!







girls night outWe'll be there!

Our booth will be in the main ballroom. Just look for our sign!

We'll have this special promotion to hook you up.

Oh, and if we make our goal of booking 30 ladies, I'll donate 20% of the session fees to the Ronald McDonald House.


Want to book with your bff?

You can choose the same date and have an unforgettable girls day out!


Check out our products and session information here.





My mother-daughter Glamour Shot!


My 90s Glamour Shot with Mom

If you're a child of the 80s or 90s, then chances are you've sat in a mall, had piles of makeup applied, your hair sprayed to unnatural heights and then posed with a sequin jacket. That pretty much sums up my 90s glamour shot with mom.

My mom and I had these photos taken in 1993 and even though they're clearly dated (hello sailor collars), we both love them because we remember the day together.

We laughed, she felt pretty, I felt special and then with our overly-rouged cheeks pressed together, we posed for a photo that we still love more than two decades later.

I've got something up my sleeve for you and you should check it out by clicking here.

In the meantime, enjoy this flashback to mall bangs.



PS: Mom, you're so gorgeous.  Thank you for taking the photo with me in the first place and taking the photo of it for this. I love you.

The perfect gift for him.


Christmas 2016

The perfect gift for you husband, boyfriend or lover is a gift he can't get for himself. There is something so perfectly unique about giving him a gorgeous folio filled with the sexiest photos you've ever seen of yourself. The gift will be so much more perfect than you can even imagine.

Christmas 2016 gift for him | Albuquerque | Lavish Boudoir™Top 5 signs he'd love this gift from you:

  1. He loves you in lingerie
  2. He loves you out of lingerie
  3. He dives into the Victoria's Secret holiday catalog before you even get a chance.
  4. He's told you he thinks your hot as hell.
  5. He's a man... who likes women, but REALLY likes you.

How to style your holiday boudoir photoshoot:

  • Choose lingerie that lends itself to the holiday spirit, but isn't too costumey.
  • Jewel tones are spectacular on all skin tones from the fairest porcelain to the deepest cocoa.
  • Add some twinkle lights.
  • A furry blanket adds warmth and texture... and feels nice against bare skin

Fun ways to present your boudoir photos to him:

  • Wrap it in a deceptive box. For example, wrap it in a boxer brief box and tell him you got him something sexy.
  • Buy a red velvet stocking and hang it on his bed post.
  • Dress up in your favorite lingerie and strut out to "Santa Baby" with the beautifully wrapped gift. Tell him he can't unwrap you until he opens his gift.
  • Count down the 25 days of Christmas with one photo every day. Start mild and get to wild.
  • Use the 12 days of Christmas to leave hints

You read to thrill him?

  1. Decide if you'd like to do the photoshoot by yourself or with 1-3 friends and make a day of it.
  2. Check our availability by clicking here.
  3.  Call Leslie at 866-930-7060 and press 1 or e-mail Leslie@LavishBoudoir.com for full pricing and to start planning
  4. That's it! Easy peasy. We'll take it from there.