What we retouch, and what we don't

I get a lot of questions about retouching for boudoir.  Especially, "You an make all my cellulite go away, right? Yes, but it's not usually with photoshop.  Here are the steps to ensure your photos display flawless skin:

  1. I instruct my clients to prepare their skin at least a week in advance. Drink lots of what, hydrate with coconut oil and exfoliate a day or two before the photoshoot.
  2. I provide my clients with a lotion that I LOOOOOOVE called Prtty Peaushun. You can buy it on Amazon directly. It diffuses the light without looking greasy.
  3. I light with flat lighting on the potential lumps and bumps. No shadows? No cellulite!
  4. If I get a fabulous pose with less than fabulous flat lighting, then I'll lighten up those unflattering shadows in post production (aka Photoshop)

So what DO I do in photoshop?

I delete bruises, pimples, spider veins, skin tone changes from being hot cold or nervous and stretch marks if I can even see them after the lotion is applied. I look for any wandering makeup that makes the eyes look dark where they shouldn't. I also will smooth out any bulges created by posing. For example below, I should have had her legs resting together slightly differently to avoid that tiny little curve on her leg. My bad. But I'm not going to punish my client for my oversight.  As you can see, I'm not making any changes to her beautiful shape or size, I'm just polishing out the things you would never notice in real life.

Because with a booty this fabulous, who would notice that tiny bruise on her top cheek?

before and after retouching with Lavish Boudoir studio

PS: Next time I WILL NOT put the client right in the middle of a background crease. Even I have duh moments.