J's Bridal Boudoir Shoot in Albuquerque

Dear J,

You were one of the most beautiful brides I've photographed. Women like you give me the urge to come out of wedding photography retirement.We met over the phone since you were coming all the way from Midland, Texas. We chatted between flights because we needed to get you booked asap. I remember hanging up and thinking that this was going to be so much fun. Your enthusiasm was obvious, and that's the best kind of photoshoot. We wanted to surprise your groom with a gift that he'd love. We created a photoshoot to be bright and airy. To show off your smile. I knew that we could create photos that showed him just how sexy and confident you are.

Some women worry about fading their tan lines before a boudoir photoshoot, but I think it adds to the allure. What do you think?

I'm so glad you wore your wedding shoes that had so much bling on top and the bottom had the prettiest teal bottoms for your "something blue." This is one of my favorite photos.

Your engagement ring is so beautiful. I'm sure that every time you look at it, you fall in love with B all over again.

Thank you J for trusting me with capturing you as a beautiful bride-to-be. I can't wait to have you and B back next year to celebrate your anniversary.



Photos: Leslie Cersovski Makeup: Edgar Campos Hair: Amanda White